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I have been graced with the opportunity to help companies around the world with commitment training. I am eager to collaborate with leaders of organizations to demonstrate how measurably effective commitment training can be on key performance indicators.

The word “commitment” is used frequently in modern corporate trainings and initiatives. In books, journal articles, and workshops, professionals often say a particular practice or piece of equipment will improve outcomes as long as the workers are committed to using it. Whether you are using a new leadership platform, sales technique, or quality assurance approach, all processes must be embraced with strong commitments in order for them to work appropriately. Unfortunately, the books, articles, and trainers do not typically offer skills-based instruction on how to stay committed to improving outcomes on the job. This vagueness is a major hole in modern-day corporate training.

I address that major gap in organizational development and improvement.

Behavioral science offers proven methods for helping people maintain their commitment to accelerated performance. In my publications, I define commitment as “acting in the direction of what is important to you even in the presence of obstacles.” Many people say that they are committed to workplace outcomes, but the real question is whether workers continue to act in a committed manner in the face of difficulties, such as distractions, boredom, or stress. Blending commitment training with your company’s approach to getting optimum outcomes creates a synergistic effect for improving actions at work. The end result of this training is a higher performing work culture.

My teammates at Pickslyde Consulting create durable and measurable solutions to help you and your organization stay committed to your key performance indicators of success!


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