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The Mindful Action Plan:

The Mindful Action Plan will help you focus on your goals and stay committed to your personal values.  During my training workshops, I teach people the six components of mindful action to ensure measurable behavioral change.  I’ve used The M.A.P. in executive coaching and performance management trainings worldwide.

The Mindful Action Plan



Moran, D. J. (2012). Oops! and another seemingly four-letter word.  Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 32 (1), 83-89.


White papers:
Optimizing Performance and Reducing Stress for Healthcare Professionals


My book Building Safety Commitment explains how to create stronger dedication to acting safely on the job.  The book highlights the skills workers need to ensure commitment to important goals.  The Safety Commitment Plan Worksheet can be used to assist with that objective.

The Safety Commitment Plan Worksheet

Behavioral Health

These resources are the tools I introduce during my Acceptance & Commitment Therapy workshops.  During the training, I explain how to use the tools appropriately.  Please feel free to contact me for training in the proper use of these tools.

The Mindful Action Plan

The Batteries Exercise (created by Joel Guarna)

The “I Am” Exercise

The Inflexahex Case Conceptualization Worksheet

The Acceptance & Action Questionnaire-II

The ACT Two-Day Workshop Slides

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